About Us

Misogyny and sexism remain prevalent even today. It is almost unthinkable that in this day and age people still think of women as less than equals. The limited opportunities and the gender wage gap all serve as a testament to this. It is a sad fact but it remains true nonetheless.

The Enterprising Women Exhibit first came about as a means to combat these modes of thinking. Keep in mind that in spite of the system being rigorously designed against us, there are still exceptional women who have risen to the top of their fields and continue to make their mark.

We look at the great women role models of the past as well as of the present. We give our due respect to the brilliant scientists, the giants of business and finance as well as the great political figures of note.

It is our sincere hope that the day comes when a successful woman is no longer newsworthy simply because we have reached a true position of equality. This is one of the main goals of Enterprising Women Exhibit, after all. Until then, however, this news site seeks to honor the outstanding ladies who continue to fight the good fight and pave the way for the rest of womanhood.