6 Disgusting Home Things You’re Forgetting To Clean

Cleaning can be a huge hassle. No one likes to do household chores, do you? While you may consider yourself a neat freak, hidden dust and dirt can be hiding in the most unexpected areas in your home, and it is easy to neglect these spots that gather germs.

Do not forget to include every inch of your home when cleaning. The following are 6 household items you can be forgetting:


If you think your shelves are dust-free zones, you might need to check them now. However, these neglected areas can be filled with dust mites lurking on the surface and even on the content. To keep your shelves clean, wipe the surface using a damp rag and dust items sitting on top.

Coffee Maker

Rinsing your coffee maker is not cleaning. If you own a classic coffee maker, you need to clean it every day. You can do so by using warm water and soap to gently rinse it. For a deeper cleaning process, run a cycle of equal portions of white vinegar and water, then run another cycle with just water to remove the smell of vinegar. This will remove calcium content inside the machine and prevent the growth of molds.

Picture Frames

Dust can sneakily accumulate in hanging or standing picture frames. Every week or two, clear dirt from the surfaces using a feather duster. Be extra careful with textured or gilded pieces. Use a gentle duster to avoid causing damage to the delicate surface. For metal frames, you can use harsher soaps to wipe them down.


Most curtains are made out of machine-washable and dryable materials. However, there are some that need special cleaning instructions. Dirt, dust, mold and pollen can easily accumulate on your beautiful drapery. Using a vacuum or damp cloth, start at the top and work your way down to get rid of dust and dirt.

TV Remote

Like your mobile phone, you probably hold your TV remote several times a day. Your dirty hand causes germs to sneakily build op on the controller. Next time you use the remote, wipe the surface with a disinfecting cloth first. To reach the areas between the buttons, use a Q-tip drenched in rubbing alcohol.

Door Frames

High-up areas like door frames tend to be the favorite places for dust to build up. Wipe the top, sides and the whole surface of every door frame with a feather duster or soft cloth to clean dust or dirt.