Figuring out What Your Budget Should Be for the Cost of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Planning your kitchen redesign can be very exciting but it can also be very overwhelming at the same time. There are many choices to make and you want to really think about what you need for your kitchen before you move forward with your redesign project. The kitchen is usually the heart of the home. It’s the central place that family and friends congregate daily and for big occasions. You want it to function well for your daily schedule.

Beautiful Granite Kitchen CountertopsAnalyze The Main Layout For Your Granite Countertops

The first critical step is thinking about your counter layout. You want to think about how you will work in your kitchen. Do you want a breakfast island you can eat at? A place close to the stove to put your vegetables for cutting as you prepare your meals? You should consider using a piece of graph paper and mapping out the kitchen and placing your counter on the paper to get a feel of how it would look. Once you figure out how long you want your countertops to be and the configuration, then you are ready to pick your material.

Once you have figured out the layout of your countertops, you will need to decide on what you will use for your countertop material. Granite is a great option in this regard because it is extremely durable. It can be cut and you can put hot pots right on it which is a great feature. Durability is great if you have kids and are an avid cook. Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can get blacks, gray, green, blue, red, pink, yellow, white and tans. Each piece is unique so it has its own beautiful pattern.

How To Minimize Cost For Kitchen Countertops

The cost of granite countertops will be determined by the thickness you choose in your countertop and the amount you need. A slab of Granite can range from $50 to $200 a square foot, including installation. The thicker granite you choose, the more expensive it will be. So to cut down on the price, you could use a ¾ inch slab instead of the 1 ¼ inches. If you are concerned with keeping the cost of your granite countertops down you could also look at limiting the counter space you are using slabs on and instead put for using slabs on your main countertops and use granite tile, which is less expensive on your islands.

Deluxe Granite Kitchen CountertopsOnce you figure out the basic thickness, color and size, you will need to decide on its finish. You can choose a nice polished finish, which is smooth and reflective. The polished finished is easy to clean and is very popular for this reason. The Honed finish is smooth but not shiny or reflective. It also doesn’t bring the colors out as much as the Polished does. The third finish option is leather, this creates the look of textured leather. It shows the color and disguises crumbs and streaks.

Why Choose Granite Countertops?

While it might be a little expensive, your granite countertops will last for years and always look great! The cost of your granite countertops will pay you back if you ever choose to sell your home.

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