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In today’s fast-paced world, every minute is precious. It is very important to allocate the time to things that are important and matter most instead of the menial tasks. Even in offices and business establishments, the managers have more important things on their minds to worry about then the cleanliness of the office. This is where the commercial cleaning companies enter into the picture. For such individuals and organizations, the cleaning companies are a blessing in disguise. They take the workload of taking care of your establishment upon them, leaving you with time at hand to focus on more important things.

Industries Serviced

Cleaning companies are spreading all around the globe, especially in regions with corporate presences. These companies service residential, business, commercial and corporate premises. A few of major industries served to include:

  • Aviation Industry

Airports occupy vast areas of space and these require a dedicated and planned system so as to be maintained spick and span. For this purpose, they contract various cleaning companies.

  • Automobile Dealers

Automobile dealers may employ cleaning companies for cleaning of their car fleet as well as their service areas due to spills.

  • Commercial and Financial Organizations

Various commercial buildings, such as malls have a vast area for cleaning as well as high day to day footfall. These contract cleaning companies on a regular basis.

  • Clubs and Fitness Centers

Fitness centers and clubs require high standards of cleanliness which are provided by the cleaning companies.

  • Medical and Health Care Institutes

Hospitals and health care organizations have special needs for sanitization and require dedicated services provided by these companies.
Educational Organizations: Schools and colleges also contract cleaning companies for maintenance of their campuses. Janitors and workers are employed by them.

  • Real Estate Industry

The majority of real estate organizations employ cleaning services to clean their properties of dust and debris accumulated due to construction before they hand over the premises to the clients.

cheap and affordable house keeping services near youCleaning services and techniques

A wide range of services is offered by cleaning companies including housekeeping, wall cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, window cleaning, carpet vacuuming and washing, dry cleaning, sanitization and hygiene-related services, exterior washing and cleaning and lawn maintenance. Cleaning methods used vary with the type of services opted by the client, and various chemicals compounds and equipment are used to assist in the same.

Standards for Commercial Cleaning Industry

The International Sanitary Supply Association and the British Institute of Cleaning Science are two international bodies that publish standards for adherence by these companies and their operators.

Going Eco-friendly

Traditionally used cleansing chemicals are found to have various health associated risks for the workers and the inhabitants as well as the environment. More and more companies are nowadays opting for eco-friendly products and methods that are in accordance with the health standards required.

Choosing the right Cleaning Company

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail. From a plethora of cleaning companies, choosing the right one comes down to a few basic factors.

  • Cost Efficiency

There are various companies in the market and they charge different rates. Some companies give a couple of services complimentary whereas others may require the client to purchase them. Consider various options before opting for a cleaning company

  • Eco-friendly product usage

Chemicals traditionally used in the cleaning industry pose a health risk to the humans. A company that has gone green and employs eco-friendly products and methods that adhere to the standards and guidelines laid down should be preferred.

  • Loyalty Discounts

Some companies may offer their customers loyalty discounts if they repeatedly use their services.

  • Insurance

Another factor to consider is if the company and its staff are insured. Also, enquire if the company is registered and is in accordance with the rules and regulations required by law.

  • Guarantee

Ask if the cleaning company provides some sort of guarantee on their work and how will they compensate if the client is not satisfied with their work.

  • Good market reviews

There is no better review than word of mouth. Ask around to see how the customers of various companies rate them and opt for one which passes with flying colors.

  • Worker training and background check

Check if the company has comprehensive in-house programs to train its workers. Do ensure that the company screens the employees that it hires.

Whether you are a business looking to make a good first impression on your client when they enter your premises, or a tired individual looking for someone to clean the mess of last night’s party, the cleaning companies have solutions to all your problems.

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