Interior Paint- Most Important Part of House Painting

When it comes to painting jobs, hundreds of questions arise in a person’s mind. From the color to the type and the finish, it can all be pretty confusing for the person. Let us have the honor of making it much easier for you.

Modern Interior House Painting and DesignChoosing the right paint type

Paints generally are either latex based or oil based depending on the binder that they employ.

Latex Paints

Latex paints are the more popular paints of the two. This is owing to the fact that they are cheaper, they dry faster than their oil-based counterparts and are also easier to clean. Latex paints are primarily used for painting the walls and ceilings. They emit less odor than the oil based paints.

Oil-based Paints

These are chiefly used for priming wooden moldings. These moldings may have flaws, such as stains and knots. Oil-based paints cover them up much better than their latex based counterparts. The time taken to dry by oil based paints and the emitted odor is much more than latex based paints. However, these paints are extremely durable.

Besides these, some special paints are also available based on the purpose they are used for.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen areas are more prone to fungal growth as well as are exposed to heavy moisture than the rest of the house. Specific paints are available that are resistant to these conditions.

  • Paints for the concrete floor

Durable paints that are designed for floorboards and concrete are present. These are solvent based and come in various sheens and finishes.

  • Paints for Metal Surfaces

Metal paints are available for metallic surfaces that may be located indoors or outdoors.

Paint Finishes

The final coat of the paint will decide how appeasing the paint will be to the eyes. Decorative finishing coats give various options to an individual.

  • Flat Finish

Flat paints are used on walls and ceiling to provide a finishing touch. They may come in matt and silk finishes. To improve their durability, they may be formulated with vinyl.

  • Eggshell Finishes

For a shiny surface, opt for eggshell finishing. Wooden surfaces and furniture and some walls may have an eggshell finish. It is also more resistant to fading with the passing of time.

  • Gloss and Satin Finish

For a bright and sparkly look, opt for the Glossy or Satin finish. They are used on wooden and metal surfaces. This type of finish is easily washable but reveals imperfections.

Choosing the Right Finish

Choosing the right finishing will depend on a number of factors:

If the surface to be painted is prone to getting dirty or greasy, it will benefit from a finish that is washable. For such a surface, the gloss and satin finish are best as they are very easy to clean. These should be avoided in areas like the living room and kitchen as they may appear to be too bright and also reveal flaws in the surfaces. A satin finish would be ideal for such areas as it is not as sparkly and is also washable.

A matte finish is used on surfaces that have flaws and blemishes. A flat matt paint will cover up these flaws but such type of finish is not washable. It is best for rooms that are less prone to getting dirty.

Eggshell finish is the most popular, as it has the characteristics of both glossy and flat finish. It makes the surface flaws less noticeable and is also washable. It is also appealing to eyes and not overly bright.

Bed Room Color Combination DesignWhich color should I choose?

The color of a property reflects the personality of the owner. Various people have different personalities and hence they choose different color styles.

  • Subtle is my Personality:

For a subtle and soothing look, select a single shade and then choose various shades of that color. Ideally, the decorations in the room like curtains should be lighter shades whereas the walls may be darker. These are best for an appealing ambiance such as that in the bedroom. Cool and warm colors are best suited for such an approach.

  • Sophisticated and Elegant is my style:

For a royal and sophisticated look, opt for neutral colors. Supplement the multiple shades of the neutrals with an occasional contrasting color item. For an airy and spacious look, go for lighter color or a darker shade of neutral for a richer experience.

  • Chic and Vibrant is my Demeanor:

For a modern and experimental look, go vibrant by choosing consecutive shades of a color and throwing in a completely contrasting color. These are best suited to den area of the house or children’s room.

Tips for a better paint experience

  • Choose the optimum weather

Paints require time to dry out. The ideal time to paint is in the summers, but make sure the weather is not too humid.

  • Quality over Quantity

Painting of the premises is going to be a onetime affair and it will last easily for five to seven years. Choose a good quality paint over a cheaper option unless the paint job is going to be temporary which it rarely is.

  • Get a Demo

The color on the brochure is going to look much different on the wall. Get a demo coat on a part of wall to make sure it is what you want.

  • Hire the Experts

It is best if you hire professional contractors for the paint job, especially if it is a new house.

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