Picking the perfect-fitting kitchen countertops makes a great deal of difference in the effectiveness and efficiency in the operations of your food services business.

Kitchen Countertops For Restaurants

Here are some of the choices you have of kitchen countertops for the pros:


Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, granite gives off a refreshing and a very pleasant look and feel to your kitchen. You can get off-one granite kitchen countertops if you want to, given its versatility in terms of designs and shades.

Granite holdouts well liquid splatters and splashes, knife cuts and scratches and is resistant to heat and is one of the more enduring types when it comes to the general and normal wear and tear process through very regular use and the passing of time.

Solid Surfacing

Having polyester and acrylic as its principal components, solid surfacing’s composition makes it practically free of any special care and maintenance routine. It may be prone to knife scratches and heat burns but these markings are also very easy to polish and smooth over back into its original shape.

Solid surfacing when installed faultlessly, also barely accumulates dust, dirt and food debris.


Marble will be perfect-fitting if you specialize in bread, cakes and pastries. It is practically eternally cool and thus it makes for a very functional heat-resistant kitchen countertop.


If you are only starting out on your food and beverages services business venture and are still budget-conscious, laminate kitchen countertops may be the good choice for you. It is one of the more affordable materials and it is very economical in terms of maintenance. Neither does it require too thick a support. There is no need for you to get very sturdy pillars to put it on and hence is truly cost-efficient.

Stainless Steel

Very ideal for commercial utilization yet modern in style, highly resistant to heat and leaves no breeding and breathing room for bacteria, stainless steel countertops may be the best option for you to pick if your diner has a fast-paced, high kitchen traffic work ambience.

Arriving at a Decision

Your choice of kitchen countertops for your restaurant or takeout food services business may define the efficiency and accuracy of every aspect involved in the preparation of the dishes, meals and drinks you serve. Your kitchen countertops may be a combination of different materials especially if each is designated to a specific work.

Industrial Kitchen CountertopsWill your staff be chopping ingredients on it? Will you need a material that is easy to clean because your kitchen work just cannot avoid too much liquid splashes and stains? Is it to serve as a storage area or space for kitchen utensils? And which kitchen tools, devices and equipment in particular? Will it be particularly and solely dedicated to be the home of your cooking stove, grills and grates? Will it be too visible to your customers that they need to be functional yet very stylishly inviting and appealing too?

Whichever it is that you may decide to get for your kitchen or that the design of your kitchen may specifically demand or require for you to get, find and choose your kitchen countertops for pros only at Floform. They offer and install the finest, and most durable and efficient kitchen countertops that can be as enduring and lasting as your food services company.

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